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  • The Rolls-Royce Ghost is an effortless beauty, seductively simple yet so classically Rolls Royce. Everything about the Rolls Royce Ghost is delivered to the consumer in an understated, elegant way; with this luxury vehicle, simplicity is key. Rolls Royce has donned the Ghost experience to that of a ‘magic carpet ride’, as the V12 engine produces not even a whisper, even when accelerating. The engineering behind the Ghost is so refined that the car is designed to grip the road, yet as a passenger inside it will feel as if you are gliding smoothly along on air. It is this, and more that makes the Rolls Royce Ghost one of the most dynamic rides you will ever experience. Externally, the Rolls Royce Ghost is powerful looking, yet softer than the Phantom, still guaranteeing to make an impact wherever you go. Kudos’ Rolls Royce Ghost comes in white, ideal for weddings, parties and anniversaries. As we’ve already said, simplicity is key with this car, so if you’re looking for a car that is a simple beauty, the Ghost is the way to go.


  • Internally, the Ghost’s low interior height means you step ‘onto’ rather than ‘into’ a vehicle wherein you will feel like you have entered your own private, luxurious sanctuary. Contemporary and refined, the interior of the Ghost is just as stunning as the exterior guaranteeing you a luxurious experience through and through. Our white Rolls Royce Ghost comes with great service from one of our experienced and professional chauffeurs, meaning that you can truly experience the wonderfulness of riding in a Ghost without any extra added stress. The Rolls Royce Ghost: a simple, sensuous car, perfect for those who want to go loud in a quiet way. Book yours for hire through Kudos Cars today!

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